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CircuitPython On Raspberry Pi

To install Circuit Python you download the adafruits .uf2 firmware file from . Connect the Pico to a computer with the bootsel button pressed to put it in USB mode. Drop the .utf file into the Pico's drive. Then disconnect the Pico. When you reconnect it CircuitPython will be ready. Then using Thonny or Mu python editors on a PC or Raspberry Pi , you can access the Pico and run your code. When you are done, disconnect the Pico from the computers USB, then when it next has power your code will run.

CircuitPython On Raspberry Pi

See examples for testing certain features of this the library.The examples were developed and tested on both Raspberry Pi and ItsyBitsy M4.Pins have been hard coded in the examples for the corresponding device, so please adjust theseaccordingly to your circuitpython device if necessary.

Download the firmware which needs to be installed on the Pico to be able to use it as a CircuitPython device. This .uf2-filefor the Raspberry Pi Pico can be downloaded from

Adafruit provides a convenient download of multiple libraries in a ZIP. Download the corresponding adafruit-circuitpython-bundle-7.x.-mpy or -6.x. mpy here. You can install several or all of the libraries as discussed above simply using Windows Explorer. A complete upload of all libraries would be about 1.2 MB big, the Adafruit Feather RP2040 has enough space to allow this. Copying might take a couple of minutes. 350c69d7ab


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