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[S1E4] Who Goes There [2021]

In 2018, Fukunaga revealed that Pizzolatto wanted to cut up the sequence during post-production, explaining "He did not like that I was pushing for that one at all. I mean, there's nothing really that inventive about [True Detective]. It's just another crime drama. Let's do something fun."[4]

[S1E4] Who Goes There

James Poniewozik of TIME wrote, "It was one of the most amazing scenes you're likely to see on TV all year, and yet the episode wasn't quite done. As Marty peeled off from the crime scene, there was another shift in perspective, an overhead shot that pulled revealed a full-on police assault, a helicopter wheeling into position below us. It was as if we had dived into some murky, surreal deep sea with Cohle, and we were now rising up, up, back to the surface, where finally, we could breathe again."[13] Kenny Herzog of Vulture gave the episode a 4 star rating out of 5 and wrote, "All of which brings us to True Detective's halfway point, and the fair task of figuring out just what it is we know: A prostitute is dead, some kind of Satanic cult with a spiral tattoo as calling card is sacrificing myriad victims, massive meth cooker Reggie Ledoux is not entirely uninvolved, and Hart and Cohle are two typically damaged detectives rooming together in 1995 and feeding each other's obsessions as the improbable end result of stupidity and circumstance. Oh, and that Hart has whiskey dick."[14] Tony Sokol of Den of Geek gave the episode a 4 star rating out of 5 and wrote, "Matthew McConaughey cuts loose on Cohle in the projects, or whatever the projects are called in Louisiana. I was so confused I'd almost ask Det. Maynard Gilbough and Detective Shinn what was going on? Why did he keep punching the guy who brought him there? Who did he shoot to get out of there? That was probably my bad. Did they say 'my bad' yet in the early nineties? Buy me a drink and I'll tell you."[15]

In the present day, the detectives interviewing Cohle and Hart can't quite understand why, having found a major lead in the case, Cohle would suddenly take two weeks leave, doubts in the investigation start to come forth as Papania and Gilbough question Cohle's sick leave, claiming that there are no hospital records of his father. Cohle tells the detectives about his father while Hart feigns ignorance.

Jeffrey claims that after killing the hitchhiker, he went 9 years without killing anyone despite the urge that frequently clouded his thoughts. He goes on to tell them that he managed to suppress his unconventional fantasies.

During the state fair, Jeff overindulges on beer. He ends up flashing and peeing in public, and he is arrested as a consequence. Because of his arrest, the owner of the butcher shop fires him from his position there and forbids him from returning.

The episodes only hint at what it might be, leaving us to draw our own conclusions. This drives viewers to reflect and form different points of view. The lack of definitive answers provided where there may be several potential answers makes it more stimulating and enjoyable to watch.

That there's a devil cult of rich Louisiana folk who talk of the Yellow King, Carcosa, and sacrifice women and children in his name. And LeDoux has a spiral tattoo like the one found on Dora Lange's shoulder.

He can't control his wife, she is older and wiser, but he knows how to hurt a young woman in love with an older, more powerful man, and he does so. And just as Charlie Lange lost his family to his transgressions, his coldness blows up in his face. Hart goes home to an empty house and a note. Lisa has told his wife everything.

I think Liza is going to go help nick, she feels bad for ratting him out and at least wants to go along and make sure this place is real since she had a hand in sending people there, cant have that riding on her why she stays back and does nothing. Loving the show!!!

In season one of Lost, it was difficult to imagine just how out there the show would get. Sure, the supernatural element was there from the beginning, but time travel? Purgatorial alternate realities? A giant frozen wheel that functions as a teleportation device? Ageless deities fighting a proxy battle over a magical light at the center of the universe? Compared to later episodes, most of that first season felt downright grounded, emphasizing basic island survival that would gradually fade as the show continued. A typical episode might revolve around a debate over the safest place to set up camp or the building of a raft to find help.

Over at Backstabber Cousin's mine, he's breaking all the management training rules. He pushes one of his workers for asking to be paid. Wow. Class act. Ross turns up to remind him of the man he isn't, so Backstabber Cousin naturally goes into a man baby tantrum (his default setting). Waaah! Did my daddy send you to tell me I'm not good enough? Waaaah! Did my wife send you to tell me I'm a bad lay? Waaaah!

The next day, Ross gets bad news: the mine is not turning up any copper so he needs more funding to continue the digging or whatever. So he goes to meet with his rich donors and it isn't even a full 30 seconds before the village doctor says the following about people who don't have enough to eat: "Those who cannot feed, should not breed."

Across town, Ross has a bit of a problem. You see, Demelza still acts like a poor person because marrying someone doesn't instantly change everything about you (imagine that!). She goes to the mine and says something about sticking a fork in her eye (soooo unladylike!) and she wrestles Mr. Pigpen to the ground for eating one of her pies (soooo unbecoming!). But Ross has a solution because he always does. I bet it involves hiring someone.

And there it is! He decides to hire recently incarcerated Jim's baby mama a.k.a. Child Bride to be Demelza's lady's maid. Having someone to look down on and order around should have her acting like an entitled rich person in no time!

Downstairs, there's a knock on the door. Uninvited guests on Christmas, how very gauche! It's Malfoy, his uncle, that thirsty girl who is still upset that Ross didn't want to dance with her that one time, and some random. Oh, goodie.

PIECE OF COAL: Thirsty Girl: This (dis)honor almost went to Backstabber Cousin because duh, but his dad just died, so I'll cut him some slack. If there's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women (like Taylor Swift Madeleine Albright said), Thirsty Girl certainly lives there.

In isolation, it is important to do self-assessments of yourself to make sure you are getting what you need. Sometimes it is hard to find out you are going crazy as demonstrated in Stephen Kings the shining. Insanity can come on quite quickly so it is important you don't go there. To keep sane you must make sure you are eating properly and try to keep busy.

Things to do can be as easy as reading a book, playing games (card, video, board). Exercise can also help to occupy your time. One of the best things for you is to set-up a schedule and force yourself to follow it. Think of training the mind, and to train properly usually means creating routines. What better way to train the mind then to pick something you have not done before, try new things or goals. You want to get an MBA then find a course online and start. You want to learn a new language, there are tons of resources to help. Learn sign language could also be an option. All these things could help to develop your skills as well as keep you sane. Taking up a hobby can also help take up your time. 041b061a72


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