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Sex Inspiration 35 (1985) Fix

The show's designer, Ed Stephenson, took inspiration from his time living in Florida to design a "Florida look" for The Golden Girls house set. The wooden accents, columns, and doors were painted to mimic bald cypress wood, popular in South Florida homes, with rattan furniture and tropical-printed upholstery chosen for the furniture.[58]

Sex Inspiration 35 (1985)

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Director Jack Scholder's horror slasher film sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) was one of the lowest-rated 'Nightmare' films. It ignored continuity from the previous film's characters and events, and it created a new premise - that Freddy could kill people in the real world and not just in their dreams. Its tagline was:

Among the things which become "old" as a result of being incorporated into Tradition, and which offer opportunities and material for enriching both Tradition and the life of faith, there is the fruitful activity of many millions of people, who, spurred on by the social Magisterium, have sought to make that teaching the inspiration for their involvement in the world. Acting either as individuals or joined together in various groups, associations and organizations, these people represent a great movement for the defence of the human person and the safeguarding of human dignity. Amid changing historical circumstances, this movement has contributed to the building up of a more just society or at least to the curbing of injustice.

The Pope also drew inspiration from the teaching of his Predecessors, as well as from the many documents issued by Bishops, from scientific studies promoted by members of the laity, from the work of Catholic movements and associations, and from the Church's practical achievements in the social field during the second half of the nineteenth century.

27. The second consequence concerns the peoples of Europe themselves. Many individual, social, regional and national injustices were committed during and prior to the years in which Communism dominated; much hatred and ill-will have accumulated. There is a real danger that these will re-explode after the collapse of dictatorship, provoking serious conflicts and casualties, should there be a lessening of the moral commitment and conscious striving to bear witness to the truth which were the inspiration for past efforts. It is to be hoped that hatred and violence will not triumph in people's hearts, especially among those who are struggling for justice, and that all people will grow in the spirit of peace and forgiveness.

Batman's iconic superhero status reached new heights with "Batman: The Animated Series." Considered by some critics to be the best-ever TV adaptation of a comic book series, the show drew inspiration from film noir and added a grittiness to Gotham that would be emulated in Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy. "Batman: The Animated Series" took home the 1993 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. It was also a launchpad for numerous iconic performances and characters, from Mark Hamill's take on the Joker to the introduction of Harley Quinn.

CHRISTIAN, Roger: KRLA, 1960; KFWB, 1961-65; KBLA, 1965; KHJ, 1965; KBLA, 1967; KFWB, 1967-68; KGBS, 1969-71; KDAY, 1971; XPRS, 1971-72; KIQQ, 1973-74; KRTH, 1974-75; XPRS, 1978-79; KRLA, 1983-84;XPRS, 1985-86. There was a gentleness to Roger Christian that conveyed to his listeners an instant ease and a sense of warmth. Some thought he was aloof, but it was his busy schedule that kept him juggling ideas, thoughts and creativity. More often than not, he showed up for his shift after his first record had already been started. Rochester, New York was where Roger started his radio career on WSAY. He worked as Mike Melody for a couple of years in Buffalo. His inspiration was Guy King on WWOL-Buffalo. Guy was actually Tom Clay. During the summer of 1960, Roger started the noon-to-three shift at KRLA. In 1961 he worked the all-night slot as part of the strike breakers at KFWB. Roger was always active in music. In 1964 his Beatles Story album was in the top three on the charts and earned a Gold record in sales. He was one of the original KHJ "Boss Jocks" during the format's debut in April 1965, working the nine-to-noon slot.

But times had changed; the personhood argument on which the "New Morality" case turned still the most logically consistent moral defense of abortion had become a tougher sell. Then inspiration struck.

This chapter compares similarities and differences in a related group of stories from both French and Arabic sources that use cross-gender disguise as a bridge to the possibility of same-sex relations. The French tales and their Arabic counterpart share enough themes and tropes to suggest a common inspiration, but the attitudes of the characters and the resolutions reflect their respective cultural differences. 041b061a72


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