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Dolly Ki Doli: How Sonam Kapoor Became a Looteri Dulhan in This Comedy Film

Hindi Dolly Ki Doli: A Comedy-Drama Film About a Bride Thief

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining Hindi film to watch, you might want to check out Dolly Ki Doli. This is a 2015 comedy-drama film that revolves around a young woman named Dolly, who is a con artist who marries men from different religions and runs away with their wealth on the night of the wedding. The film stars Sonam Kapoor in the title role and also features Pulkit Samrat, Rajkummar Rao, Varun Sharma, and Saif Ali Khan in a cameo appearance. The film was directed by debutant Abhishek Dogra and produced by Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan under their production house Arbaaz Khan Productions.

Hindi Dolly Ki Doli

In this article, we will give you an overview of the film, its story, cast, crew, music, songs, reception, reviews, awards, and nominations. We will also share our personal opinion on the film and why we think you should watch it.

The Story of Dolly Ki Doli

The film begins with Sonu Sherawat (Rajkummar Rao), a wealthy businessman from Delhi, who falls in love with Dolly (Sonam Kapoor), a beautiful girl he meets at a wedding. He proposes to her and she agrees to marry him. However, on their wedding night, she drugs him and his family and runs away with all their money and jewelry.

It turns out that Dolly is a professional con artist who has been doing this for a long time with the help of her fake family members Raju (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) and Dubeyji (Manoj Joshi). She targets men from different religions and backgrounds and changes her name and appearance accordingly.

After conning several rich men, she becomes famous in the media as a "looteri dulhan" (bride thief). A cop named Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat) is assigned to catch her. He has a personal motive as well, as he was once in love with Dolly when she was known as Priya.

When Dolly tries to con Manjot Singh Chadda (Varun Sharma ), a rich Punjabi boy, she is caught by Robin and his team. She is taken to jail, where she meets Prince Aditya Singh (Saif Ali Khan), a royal heir who claims to be her husband. He tells her that he loves her and wants to help her escape.

Dolly manages to escape from jail with the help of Prince Aditya and Raju. She then decides to con Prince Aditya as well, as he is the richest of all her targets. She pretends to love him and agrees to marry him. However, on their wedding day, she is confronted by Robin, Sonu, Manjot, and their families, who have tracked her down.

Dolly reveals that she is not a real con artist, but a victim of a forced marriage. She tells them that she was married off to a cruel man when she was young, who abused her and tried to sell her. She managed to escape from him and started conning men as a way of revenge and survival. She also confesses that she loves Robin and wants to be with him.

However, before she can reunite with Robin, she is shot by her abusive husband, who has also arrived at the scene. She dies in Robin's arms, leaving him heartbroken. The film ends with a montage of Dolly's various avatars and cons.

The Cast and Crew of Dolly Ki Doli

The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors who have given memorable performances in their respective roles. Here are some of the main cast members and their characters:

  • Sonam Kapoor as Dolly: The protagonist of the film, who is a con artist who marries men from different religions and runs away with their money. She is also known as Priya, Kajal, Madhuri, and other names depending on her target. She is smart, charming, witty, and fearless. She has a tragic past that motivates her to con men. She also has a soft spot for Robin, whom she loves.

  • Pulkit Samrat as Robin Singh: The cop who is assigned to catch Dolly and her gang. He is also Dolly's ex-lover, who knows her as Priya. He is honest, brave, loyal, and romantic. He still loves Dolly and wants to protect her from harm.

  • Rajkummar Rao as Sonu Sherawat: One of Dolly's victims, who is a wealthy businessman from Delhi. He falls in love with Dolly at first sight and proposes to her. He is naive, innocent, kind-hearted, and devoted. He is heartbroken when he finds out that Dolly has conned him.

  • Varun Sharma as Manjot Singh Chadda: Another victim of Dolly, who is a rich Punjabi boy. He is smitten by Dolly's beauty and charm and agrees to marry her. He is simple, gullible, funny, and friendly. He is shocked when he learns that Dolly has duped him.

  • Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Raju: Dolly's fake brother and partner in crime. He helps Dolly in planning and executing her cons. He is clever, witty, loyal, and humorous. He also has a crush on Dolly.

  • Manoj Joshi as Dubeyji: Dolly's fake father and another accomplice in her cons. He acts as a priest or a pandit in different weddings and blesses Dolly and her grooms. He is cunning, greedy, experienced, and funny.

  • Rajesh Sharma as Ramesh Sherawat: Sonu's father and one of the victims of Dolly's con. He is a rich and influential man who wants his son to marry a good girl. He is proud, arrogant, strict, and angry.

  • Saif Ali Khan as Prince Aditya Singh: A cameo appearance by the actor as a royal heir who claims to be Dolly's husband. He helps Dolly escape from jail and proposes to marry her again. He is handsome, charming, wealthy, and generous.

The film was directed by Abhishek Dogra, who made his debut with this film. He also co-wrote the film with Umashankar Singh. The film was produced by Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan under their production house Arbaaz Khan Productions. b70169992d


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