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Adam's Needle

Of the over 20 species of yucca, three or four are considered native to Florida: Yucca filamentosa (Adams needle),Yucca aloifolia (Spanish bayonet), and Yucca gloriosa (moundlily yucca). Some taxonomist believe Yucca recurvifolia is the same as Y. gloriosa, but others consider it a separate species. Yucca filamentosa can be easily distinguished from other yucca species by the white, thready filaments along the leaf margins (hence the specific epithet filamentosa).

adam's needle

Adam's-needle is native to southeastern North America, but is occasionally found outside its native range due to being widely cultivated. This is the case in New England, where it is sometimes found on sandy soils and disturbed areas in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The roots contain saponins and were used by the Cherokee to stun fishes, or as a soap to wash blankets. They also used the root externally to treat sores and sprains.

Adam's needle has adapted to hot, dry regions in areas that are protected from fire. It occurs in dry, sandy soils along the coast, rocky and sandy places, bluffs, thin woods, oldfields and other open areas. It is also a prized cultivated shrub. In addition to locations throughout the U.S. and eastern Canada, this shrub also grows in some European countries and other countries. 041b061a72


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