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Samuel Bell
Samuel Bell

Someone Knows My Name.pdf

Since the content of PDFs can be edited, it's difficult for a program to track what WAS there and what IS there now. I don't know of any tools that can track or identify where the content has changed, but if you knew someone with PDF coding experience, they might be able to spot some digital paper trails in the source code of the file itself. (Maybe one of our braniac PDF coders on this forum will chime in on this.)

Someone Knows My Name.pdf

So these answers are useful from the point of view of "I wonder if anyone in the department edited this, and when, so I can know if my copy is out of date". However they are all useless from the point of view of "I have this contract and I think someone has edited it". Useless, useless. This would never stand in court. 041b061a72


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