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The Six Seconds EQ Model is built on 3 pillars

Knowing Self

  • Recognizing and appropriately expressing emotion; being able to identify and interpret multiple and conflicting emotions

  • Identifying reactions and choices; being able to identify both positive and negative habits, and/or repetitive behaviors

Choosing Self

  • Weighing and evaluating the costs and benefits of choices before acting

  • Becoming skilled at transforming feelings; being able to choose an appropriate feeling or mood based on the context

Responding and acting on your own feelings rather than those of others

Giving Self

  • Responding appropriately to others´ feelings; being able to feel concern that comes from imagining the plight of another person

  • Using your feelings to extend kindness and service to others

  • Aligning daily choices with principles and purpose; being able to extend kindness and service to others. Being able to participate regularly in pro-social acts

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