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Hp Omen Keyboard Lights Not Working

I got my OMEN HP device and seen that the keyboard lights were working well when I first started it up, but after reseting the system I can't seem to get the lights to turn back on even after pressing the f4 key button. Can you help me please?

hp omen keyboard lights not working


My F5 key is not working due to some reason. Hence, I have not been able to back-light my keyboard. Since omen-notebook's keyboard is very hard to work with on the absence of back-lighting, is there any alternative ways to light the keyboard? Can I order a genuine part, if now way out of this?

I've had a HP Omen 15 Laptop for about a year and a half, and all of a sudden the WASD keys backlighting doesn't light up. the rest of the keyboard lights up perfectly, and can still be fully changed through the command center. The WASD keys also work perfectly other than lighting.

I have not downloaded or done anything which I think could effect the keyboard and keyboard lighting, other than BIOS updates which are automatic. The lighting were working fine and then one day they suddenly stopped working.

I have a similar issue with my Sony laptop. However if I lock the screen or close the lid and come back it starts working.Something seems to be turning it off on boot as the keyboard backlight stays then just before the logon screen it turns off. I am not sure if yours is displaying the same issues?

Since these days laptop manufacturers are inclined to remove the Caps Lock indicator lights, you might need to make use of notification sounds. This method will also be useful if your keyboard is having LED issues.

I tried to detect a sensor with lm-sensors but it says Sorry, no sensors were detected on ryzen 4800h I have tried also different distros but it did not work at all.In the Psensor it shows up almost every essentials sensors but the fan sensors do not show up.For the keyboard I can change it directly through Terminal with this program -omen-linux-module 350c69d7ab


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